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Admission process



Schedule a visit


We are happy to take prospective families on a tour of the school to learn about our educational approach and to meet our teachers. Please schedule an appointment with us by calling 0814 574 3166 or fill out the appointment form provided.


Please let us know of particular areas of interest to cover during your visit.

Appointment form

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application form

Fill out an application form


Filling our application is an opportunity for us to get to know your child and family. Application forms for the 2017-18 school year are currently available for purchase from the school's admin office.

We encourage families interested in applying for the 2018-19 school year to register here for more information



 Attend an interview/entrance exams


After reviewing applications, we invite families in for an interview or entrance examinations (depending on the grade being enrolled into). Your child will spend time with our educators in a classroom setting. Guardians will also have the opportunity to meet with school and admissions team members, and tour the school.



Recieve an admissions decision


At the end of the interview / entrance exams, you will be given feedback on the performance of your child compared to performance of other pupils currently in the grade being sort admission into.

We are accepting applications for the 2017-18 school year for pre-nursery through SS1, and admit students on a rolling basis.

School calendar

2017 - 2018

September 11 -      First day of school

Enroll your child with us today in order to give them the best academic foundation and a wonderful educational experience


call 0814 574 3166 or email