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We personalize learning experiences making sure that every child is taught according to their learning pattern (i.e. differentiated instruction)

Our Creche

Bright, happy face, bursting with enthusiasm for the day ahead. Learning is fun! This is the first impression which greets visitors to New Capital School's Creche.

Aims, values and ethos

Our key objective is simple, to create and maintain an environment in which all children are happy, secure and challenged to achieve their personal best in all areas of school life.

We nurture independent minds

At New Capital School, we focus on giving pupils the qualification, skills and experiences necessary for them to take charge of their destinies.

Senior years

Our senior pupils work hard, play hard, compete well and form strong friendships which often last a lifetime.

Excursions and field trips

Learning experiences are not limited to our classroom activities. We always ensure that there is a beautiful mix of indoor and outdoor learning


The are ample opportunities for our pupils to develop their talents, be it musical, drama, dancing, ballet or in other various artistic performances.

We monitor all our pupil's progressive academic performance on weekly basis

Practical Knowledge

We expect the very best from your child inside and outside the classroom. Individualised targets ensure that every pupil is challenged to achieve the best of his or her ability.

Vocational training

There are a lot of vocational training sessions available for our pupils to choose from.

Team working skills

We always ensure that our pupils engage in team building and team working exercises. Particularly in the acquisition of life skills.

Join us

By promoting a clear set of values at all times and in all that we do, we believe that New Capital School pupils leave school ready to contribute fully and positively to their community and society at large.

We'd love to hear from you

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