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Creche – where it all begins

New Capital School offers a secure and supervised crèche service where you can drop your babies off from 7am, if this helps parents with their work commitments. Children at our crèche facilities are well cared for by our well-qualified and professionally trained staffs.

We take babies from the age of three months, and we nurture them and help them develop until they are old enough to move on to playgroup or preparatory class. Our crèche services will provide your child with a safe, warm and friendly environment to develop vital pre-school skills which will prepare them to move up into our playgroup or nursery classes. Our facility is purpose-built and includes separate baby and toddler areas, a kitchen and washing facilities. We are open all the year round, including during school holidays, to cater for the needs of children and parents.


Playgroup – fun times

Bright, happy faces, bursting with enthusiasm for the day ahead. Learning is fun!  This is the first impression which greets visitors to New Capital School’s playgroup classes.

Whether joining the playgroup class at the age of 2 years, or at a later stage, children soon settle into the caring family atmosphere which characterises New Capital School and have the opportunity to learn and play in magnificent surroundings.

At New Capital School playgroup and Pre-Nursery department, we aim high from the beginning. Together with academic targets that will both stretch and develop our pupils, children begin to understand the importance of kindness, courtesy and respect for each other, as well as good manners.

Flexible finishing times are designed to meet the needs of busy parents. Our playgroup classes are also open during school holidays because we know that some of our parents need our services all year round.


Nursery – the next step

From the age of 3, girls and boys are welcomed into our Nursery classes.

At New Capital School we expect the very best from your child inside and outside the classroom. This includes setting individualised academic targets to ensure that every pupil is challenged and stretched to achieve to the best of his or her ability.

Parents are given half-termly assessment reports and there is at least one formal open day which gives parent the opportunity to meet with class teachers and discuss their children’s progression. This complements the informal home-school communication which takes place much more frequently and is often central in helping pupils to succeed.

Socially, children are expected to be kind, courteous and respectful. They are taught to take pride in themselves and in all that they do.